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Long-Lasting & Decorative Exterior Wall System

Choosing stucco for your property’s exterior is one way to make your home or business stand out in a sea of clapboard siding. Standard Roofing & Exteriors Ltd. provides stucco finishes and parge coats in various colours to suit your style.

Acrylic Stucco Installation

Acrylic stucco is a product that has been around for more than 20 years, becoming increasingly popular in the last decade or so. We use the Imasco Minerals Inc. Premix system, which is a conventional sand- and cement-based stucco product, along with the full-system EIFS acrylic stucco finish. This includes paper and wire installation, a base coat or scratch coat, and a coloured finish coat. It can be installed with a foam board backing and a fibreglass mesh base coat, or as a finish coat over a sand/cement base.

Stucco offers many benefits:

  • Provides a durable, flexible finish designed to last for many years

  • Acts as a sturdy weather barrier

  • Can be easily accented with build-outs

  • Available with acrylic finish

Used as a base for stucco or in masonry repair, parging:

  • Can be included as a continuation of the stucco right down to the ground level

  • Protects the vulnerable points on your home when installed on concrete or wood below your vinyl siding

  • Commonly done with a textured finish, but designs are also available

Check out our gallery of past projects for design inspiration!

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