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Vinyl Decking & Roofing in Alberta

As part of our commitment to providing Peace Country property owners with the most resilient and purposeful exterior protection, Standard Roofing & Exteriors Ltd. offers Duradek’s sheet vinyl walking deck membrane system that is completely waterproof for your peace of mind. We also provide MBM and peel and stick membranes.

“The Roof You Can Walk On”

Duradek's tough, laminated PVC sheeting has proven itself in both the hottest and coldest weather throughout North America. Vinyl sheeting is quickly replacing the old liquid coating method as it easily covers almost any surface and is resistant to leaks and cracks. Duradek has become an alternative to traditional roofing systems and is ideal for decks and areas above living spaces.

Professionally Installed Waterproof Surface

All Duradek products are expertly installed by our trained applicators and can be used immediately. Duradek comes in rolls that are laid out and glued to a prepared surface. Seams are then heat welded together to form one complete waterproof layer (membrane). To finish, perimeters are trimmed and fastened in place for a surface that lasts a lifetime.

We carry a wide range of subtle colours, patterns and thickness options. This type of decking provides a mildew-resistant, non-slip solution for areas that are constantly wet, such as sundecks, swimming pools, hot tubs, boathouses, saunas and stairways. Duradek systems are durable, attractive and maintenance-free. Step onto a Duradek and step into a lifestyle!

Alberta vinyl decking - Vinyl decking in Alberta
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