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Prevent Water Damage with Waterproofing in Grande Prairie

No matter what type of precipitation comes down, it affects the lifespan of your roof. Time and weather wear on your roof and compromise its ability to keep water out. But, you can greatly extend your roof's lifetime with membrane roofing techniques.

Standard Roofing & Exteriors Ltd. began in 1957 and has provided helpful services for many years. Among these services, we provide roof waterproofing for Grande Prairie and its residents. Whether your building is commercial or residential, we'll meet your roofing needs.

Types of Waterproofing

Our technicians have developed tried-and-true techniques to achieve optimal water protection. We use two basic roof waterproofing techniques:

  • MBM (Modified Bitumen Membrane) Roofing
    • Applied in layers onto wood, concrete, and steel decks

    • Allows us to create a continuous layer of protection

  • Peel and Stick Membrane Roofing
    • Applied to a pre-primed surface via hand-pressed adhesive membranes

    Each technique reduces the risks of rot, mould, cracking, and other common types of water damage. By investing in a waterproof roofing technique for a new building or an existing structure, you can avoid a host of future issues.

    Preventative Philosophies

    The best way to save money on roofing costs is to invest in a quality roof from the outset. If you already have a roof in place, we can also provide helpful retrofitted waterproofing membranes. Ask us for a roof inspection to find out how your roof could improve.

    By the time your roof actually starts to leak, it may require a full replacement. Take steps now to avoid larger problems in the future. Call us for more information on roof waterproofing for Grande Prairie at 780‑539‑4880 today.

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